This year, by doing search engine optimization (SEO) in a 2-step format, we’ve helped clients gain fast local, regional and international “page one Google” status to leap-frog their websites past their competition and keep them in that Most Wanted space.

A handful of years ago, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) wasn’t such a big deal – it was an optional kind of thing we offered our clients who wanted to more aggressively move in the Internet space.

Today, that picture has drastically changed. If your site is not dialed in for SEO On-Page and SEO Off-Page algorithms, you’ll have a much more difficult time being “seen” by the masses. SEO magnetizes your niche audience to your door. Without it you’re looking at long years of database building and more traditional forms of joint ventures, affiliate marketing and more to get your site anywhere close to what SEO can do for you in a few months.

SEO On Page work is a one-time fee, while SEO Off Page is usually a monthly fee over a 6 to 12 month period. At the end of that period, your site should be showing up (and staying) on “Page One” of Google under several of the top keyword phrases people are using in their searches to find someone like you.

Consider SEO for your increased traffic and business in the year ahead.
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