staying on a positive frequency

Keep Yourself on a Positive Frequency


The other morning, I opened my e-mail to a few negative e-mails from one of my client’s offices. I call those “negative vibrations” (to say the least!). The client is going through a great deal of positive clean up and transformation, but this can always rouse some people to fear, which can create some erratic e-mails, to say the least.

Understood. I get all that, and I’m working to keep that in mind as I write my return e-mails. But when my boyfriend walked back in the door a few minutes later with coffees, I recognized that I was in a MOOD from reading these e-mails. It was having an effect on how I greeted him in OUR perfectly good morning.

As I thought about this, I remembered something Bob Proctor had taught me years ago: Some people simply operate on a lower vibration. They don’t necessarily operate ALL the time there, but it’s important to recognize when someone is operating at a different frequency so that you, yourself, don’t get pulled down to that lower frequency. For a few minutes, I was definitely pulled into that lower space. Without Bob’s voice in my head, I might have stayed there for days or weeks … and what good would that have done for me or for these people?


What can you do about people who hang in a different “frequency” than you do?

For my reading that day, by sheer coincidence (of course, right?), I chose a Michael Beckwith “daily insight” that just happened to be titled, “Uplevel Your Vibratory Contribution.” As Beckwith notes:

“You are not here to merely catch vibrations from things; you are here to imbue things with YOUR vibration. You are here to anchor the vibration of the divine in the human dimension.

“Step out boldly and take possession of your dimension. Today, refuse to see yourself as a recipient of negative vibrations or as a victim of subtle or gross influences around you. Practice broadcasting the high vibration of your inner radiance, remembering all the while that the place upon which you stand is holy, simply because you are standing there.” 

Well said, Dr. Reverend, and a perfect reminder as we respond to ALL of our relationships today. Try as you might, you can’t necessarily control how someone will feel or act toward you, but you CAN control how YOU feel (your frequency) and upon which frequency you choose to reside when you respond.