These last few weeks, I’ve noticed that many of my clients are in a slump. They started the year bright-eyed and bushy-tailed with their goals and dreams … they began deliberately taking action in the direction of their dreams … they’ve stayed on track these many months … but it just doesn’t seem to be happening or coming together as quickly as they had expected.

  • They’re feeling a bit tired.
  • They’re wondering if they’re on the right track.
  • They’re wondering if they should just give up and move on to
  • something else.

Whenever you feel yourself it a slump like this, I want to remind you of a couple key points.

First, one of the universal laws of nature is The Law of Rhythm.
There is a natural ebb and flow; there is a natural growth period and rest period. Understand that it can’t always be all growth and pushing forward. When you suspect you’re in an ebb or
“pause phase,” use that phase to review, measure, collect your data, dream up new ideas or action steps and begin putting those actions into play.

It will turn around again; it always does.

Second, if you ever watched The Secret movie, one of the speakers notes that your dreams, goals and ideas are like seeds buried under the ground.

You’re working above ground to till the soil properly, keep it weed-free, and nurture that ground so that your seed sees
fruition. This is exactly what you should be doing. This is all about “thinking thoughts into things,” remember – you want to keep working with diligence and expectation. But, when it doesn’t seem to be going your way, or nothing seems to be happening on YOUR time schedule, you might throw up your hands in disgust and say, “This stuff doesn’t work.”

And there, just as that little “plant” is about to pop through the surface, the universe hears your command and says, As you wish …” and that dream shrivels back into the ground.

Don’t let this happen to your dream.

What you think and HOW you think becomes your reality. It always works that way; it never changes.

As I’ve worked with some of my deflated clients these last few weeks, I ask them to tell me what their end result looks like.

  • What do they see happening?
  • How are they living their lives differently because they’ve nurtured this dream to a result?
  • How do they feel as they wake up each day, knowing that it’s been accomplished and it did it bigger and better than they’d even imagined?

As I listen to them envision that end result, their voices change.
They laugh more. They speak faster. They’re back in the joyous place they should be to continue creating their lives exactly as they see fit!

So, when you’re feeling dragged down, tired, ozoned or just plain frustrated, sit back, take a breath and give yourself a few moments to envision the end result. You don’t have to envision the steps you’re taking to get there – just picture and feel the end result in your mind. You’ll be surprised at how quickly it shifts your mood and your mindset.