This morning as I was working out with my tennis coach, Bill Howie, he suggested a great intention meditation that reminded me why everyone calls him the “Zen Master of Tennis.” What he explained is similar to what we’ve learned from “paradigm shifting” teachers or instructives in the movie, The Secret. This, however, was such a great angle of an illustration that I thought I’d share it here with you.

Bill suggested the following: Take 10 minutes of your day to sit down and meditate on your “future you.” To begin, take a few deep breaths and picture, sitting in a chair in front of you, your Future You.

Now, given the intention that you’ve set out for yourself, look at your Future You as having already accomplished the intention. What does Future You look like and act like to the observer?

Then, step into Future You. Check your Future You out just as you would walk into a home for sale to see how it “fits” around you …

  • How relaxed and happy are you now that you’ve achieved your intention?
  • How do you look and dress?
  • How confident are you?
  • What do you do with your days now that you’ve achieved your intention?
  • How do you feel?

What you observe and feel during this intention meditation is the EXACT embodiment of what you want to be thinking and feeling NOW. In doing so, you’re laying down the neural pathway (or new paradigm) that your mind grasps and creates reality upon.

If you are absolutely committed to seeing your intention become a reality, begin this intention meditation today. It only takes a few moments a day to begin to live the life of Future You!