Establishing Brand Identity for our clients is somehow easier to explain than “Brand Congruency.” Brand identity is a process that involves much more than just creating a logo yet, still, it is a foundational exercise that seems easier to grasp. (See more on what we’re offering for our 20th year anniversary specials in Brand Identity.)

As vital as it is to ongoing and consistent success, “Brand Congruency” seems to be a murkier science. Of course, we all want congruency in our messaging, but where exactly IS our messaging, and how many people are using it, sharing it or identifying themselves with it?

Here’s how I’ve come to explain brand congruency:

I have a good friend who’s one of the top production designers in Hollywood. Unknown to most people, the PD actually tells the Director how the movie is going to unfold – where it will be filmed, how the sets will look, how the clothing on the actors will look, what sort of art will be on the walls in every home and office shot … he fills in all the gaps between the script’s lines and the actual movie premier. He then hires brilliant people to create the congruency of the vision.

Sometimes, Armitage, Inc. works with an established in-house “Production Designer” to observe, review and correct or make improvements to the established brand in play. That’s brand congruency. In some cases, that timing actually occurs at the very beginning of the project with an architect or interior designer so that the branded collateral and marketing plan is congruent from Step One.

In many situations, though, we are the Production Designers. The script has already been established, but the color and vibrancy of the story remains to be created. Armitage specializes in creating ALL the messaging and marketing collateral to support the foundational “script” itself.

Strategic, layered, leveraged result
When we refer to “all” collateral, we mean that we work at three levels –  the intellectual and emotional collateral (messaging) tied to the physical collateral to create a strategic, layered, leveraged result. When you have a prospect or client sold at all three levels, they are yours for life, correct? In our agency, that’s what Brand Congruency does. Clients for life.

Sensing that your brand congruency in your messaging … in your sales field … in your management … is lacking congruency and true understanding of what you are and represent? Contact us to discuss Brand Congruency options (that are reduced in price thanks to our 20th Year Anniversary Celebration!)