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It’s June 2nd. That’s right. Six months gone since you made new business goals and “To Do” lists to take your business in a more successful and rewarding direction. So … how is that looking now?

Just in case it’s not looking as rosy or profitable as you’ve intentioned, I’m here once again with my annual June 2nd offer, “The Diane Armitage Back On Track” Mini Consulting series. It’s a condensed, rapid-fire business consulting special for any business owner or manager in any business anywhere in the world.

It’s “mini” because … well … truthfully, you probably really don’t need much. In most cases …

You’re looking at business one way and you’re simply not seeing other options or opportunities you can take advantage of.

You might be so imbedded in what you’re DOING as a business that you’re not getting the message properly across to people who are new to the idea.

You might need better organization and task management solutions in your day.

You’re considering a new tactic, a new direction or even a new business, and aren’t sure what needs to be done first (or what the almighty Internet might think of your step into this world) to gain the highest strategy and leverage right from the start.

Or, you may be feeling defeated about a website that isn’t capturing leads or converting prospects as you had hoped, and there are a number of quick fixes I can recommend to make your slacker web site your best salesperson in the house.

Whatever the situation, I’m here to listen, poke through your existing strategy, and offer immediately actionable solutions and suggestions to get you out of that slowed, stuck or dead stop situation you’re experiencing. It’s a business consulting special that has proven, time and again, to dramatically shift and lift success in many of my clients’ businesses.

My “Back On Track” Mini Consulting package is just $169, a savings of $356. You receive two 45-minute scheduled Skype or phone calls with me along with my written notes and suggestions after each call. Then, I follow up again in 3 weeks’ time to see if or where I can help again.

(I’m already looking forward to working with you.)

P.S. This offer is good until close of business day (PST) on Friday, June 21st. It’s not offered again until the first week of November.

P.P.S. Thinking about starting a blog? I will be teaching a Blogging 101 Webinar on Tuesday, July 16th. See details and pricing for my V.I.P.s (On July 1st, the price goes up to a larger crowd.)